Saturday, March 29, 2008

My babies are growing up!!

3 John 1:4 says " I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth."

I have 4 children. My girls are 5, 15 (almost 16) and 18 and my son is 7. My girls have such a heart for the Lord and I've seen them mature as they've gotten older to more and more take responsibility for their walk with Him. Now I have my 2 little ones. They both, when they were ready on their own, gave their hearts to Christ and it's so neat to see them getting older, maturing and finding out more and more about God. On the way to church on Friday (I work at the church on Fridays), my 7 year old son asked "Mom, do all Baptist churches have it right?"

Wow. I asked him what he meant (just to be sure I was going to answer the right question) and he said, "Well, there are a lot of churches around and I was just wondering if the Baptist church has it right."

I just told him the truth. "Well, honey. At our church, we follow the Bible. If it's in the Bible we do it. If it's not in the Bible, we look at what else the Bible has to say that might help us to make a decision on what we want to do and see if it's something God wants us to not do or if it's OK to do it. I don't think any church is perfect but we do try to follow God's Word as closely as we can."

I thought that was a pretty mature question for a 7 year old! THEN, as I was working, my 5 year old came and sat next to me. I do the graphics and words to songs that will go on the screen on Sunday, and I had a picture of the crucifixion of Christ and my daughter asked, "Did Jesus really have nails in His hands or was He tied to the cross?" Wow again!! Two great questions in one day!! I was able to talk to her about how horrible a death Jesus died for us because of all the bad stuff that we do (sin). She asked "Did He hurt? Since He's God?" and I told her, "Yes. He did hurt a lot. A whole lot."

It's amazing just how much discipling and ministering we can do in our own families. I thank God that He's given me the blessing of raising these 4 kids for Him. What a privilege and honor and I pray that I can do a job that's worthy of Him.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Here comes the rain

Rain - There's just something wonderful about it, isn't there? It's been beautiful these last few days but today is cloudy and drizzly. It makes me just want to stay home, cook, be with my family and kind of hibernate. I love the sound of the rain in the summer and the smell after the rain is finished. In reading Deuteronomy this past week, I read how as long as the Israelites follow God's law, He will bless them with rain on their crops - meaning success in their lives. Without their crops, they would perish. They also would have nothing to offer the Lord since part of that harvest would be given as an offering to Him.

God has given me so much in my life - blessed me in so many ways and I thank Him for all of it. I have a wonderful, Godly husband, 4 beautiful children, a home that's paid for, a church family who is truly family and best of all, a relationship with the God of the universe - who gave Himself as a payment for MY sins. God has watered my life (good AND bad), and I thankfully give Him all that I have and all that I do as an offering to Him.
Thank you Lord!

Deuteronomy 28:2 "And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you, if you obey the voice of the LORD your God."

Monday, March 24, 2008

Record setting church budget meeting

So our church is a relatively large church (for this area). We have about 1000 attending each Sunday. Our budget is over two million dollars. We have a budget meeting each year to go over the budget and if anyone has questions, it's the time to ask. All staff is expected to be there and tonight here's what happened. Staff was there, one member of the finance committee (a deacon), and one other church member. We opened in prayer at 7:35PM. Budget was presented and explained. "Any questions?"......silence. We closed in prayer at 7:45PM. I think this is a record for a Baptist church budget meeting. LOL!! We were home in less than an hour and that's with a detour on the way home and forgetting to go to the supermarket for milk and having to turn around and go back. :) I have to say, I love our church!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Starting a new blog!

I have another blog that I started last year to have a place to put my adoption testimony that I did in church but I never did much more with that one. So I decided to leave that to archive stuff to save (I also put my method that I used to get my kids to sleep on their own in the crib when they were young) and to start a new blog where I'd just put my thoughts and such. So we'll see how this goes!

Today is Easter Sunday - Resurrection Sunday - the day where we celebrate and remember the greatest day in the history of Christianity. No other man in history came back to life again under his own power. No other man in history was able to pay for the sins of the entire world. No other man in history was God in the flesh - fully God and fully Man. Billions of men have died, but no death ever affected history the way this one Man's death did. Because of the life, death and resurrection of this one Man, we all have a chance to become children of God and to inherit the gift that only those who are children of God can receive - eternal life! Praise the Lord - Jesus lives - our God reigns!!!!