Monday, March 24, 2008

Record setting church budget meeting

So our church is a relatively large church (for this area). We have about 1000 attending each Sunday. Our budget is over two million dollars. We have a budget meeting each year to go over the budget and if anyone has questions, it's the time to ask. All staff is expected to be there and tonight here's what happened. Staff was there, one member of the finance committee (a deacon), and one other church member. We opened in prayer at 7:35PM. Budget was presented and explained. "Any questions?"......silence. We closed in prayer at 7:45PM. I think this is a record for a Baptist church budget meeting. LOL!! We were home in less than an hour and that's with a detour on the way home and forgetting to go to the supermarket for milk and having to turn around and go back. :) I have to say, I love our church!

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