Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Another lost tooth and a college scholarship??

Yep - I have that big a range in my kids. My oldest is a senior in high school and is VERY talented in art. Her choice for her future is to become a high school art teacher because of having learned in high school just how wonderful art is (and how talented she is). She was accepted to one college that is the college of her choice and she received a scholarship of a third of the tuition, which isn't bad but we had hoped for more. So she was accepted to another college and we went for the portfolio review (for scholarship offerings) on Sunday and she ACED it! The head of the department said that one of her pieces was a gallery piece and people would pay good money for it, and that the rest of her work was master's level work! Woo-hoo! So they said "We'll let you know the results in a week to 10 days." (they'll call to schedule a private interview to decide on the scholarship). Monday at lunch time, the phone rang and they want her back for the interview! That's about 24 hours later! Wow! So I'll be taking her on Thursday at 4PM. We're hoping that they give her a much better scholarship offer - and then we go back to her first choice school and ask them to match the offer. We'll see what happens. :)

Then to the tooth....my youngest is 5 and just lost her second tooth (well, her third but the first had to be pulled by the dentist due to an abcess so that doesn't count). She looks so cute with the big space on the bottom now! I can't believe my baby is loosing her teeth - and my other baby is getting ready for college!! SIGH

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Beth said...

Tell your oldest and youngest "Mabruk" on their milestones. I'd love to see pics of some her artwork...maybe you could post some.

My babies will start school next year and we we've already bought their shoes and book bags at various sales. Wah!