Thursday, April 3, 2008

Commercial Once a Month Cooking?

A friend of mine invited me to an open house kind of thing at one of those places where you can go and make up dinners to freeze. It's really convenient because they have everything prepped for you - you just do the putting it together and bring home at least 6 meals for your family to have over the next month. I went and made up a nice Cantonese Pork Chop dinner and it wasn't bad. There was still cooking to do but no measuring which was nice on a hectic night. I've done once-a-month cooking myself and have done a lot of freezer meals so it's not like this is the first time I've ever had this sort of thing. In helping my friend (who's a single mom), I signed up for a session and paid about $20 a meal for 6 servings each of 6 different dinners. I went last week to make them and so far we've had 2 of the dinners. The first was a chicken tetrazzini that was OK - but certainly not spectacular. I ended up throwing half of it out because no one wanted it after the initial dinner. Last night I made up beef stroganoff which was another meal that was OK but not great.

My hubby said that it was a bust so far. It felt good to hear him say "Other people probably don't get good food at home normally so this is good to them but you're such a good cook and know our tastes that everything you make is great. Please don't do this stuff again." LOL - OK, who can argue with that?? ;)

Well, I still have 4 more meals to get through - we'll see how those turn out but so far, the first third of meals are not good - and I won't be doing these things anymore.

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