Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Don't touch me!!!

I don't know how others can sleep snuggling with their husbands. I'm the kind of person who can snuggle for a time but when I start falling asleep, I need no contact from anyone whatsoever. It honestly gives me the feeling of being trapped so my mattress has 2 divits in it - one from my DH and one from me.

Last night my little one who's 5 had a bad dream and started crying. Surprisingly enough, DH went in to her first (usually he's sleeping through everything at night but he must have been awake already) and when he came back to our room, he said that she had a bad dream. I remember my bad dreams when I was little all too clearly and I went in to gather her, her pillow and "B" (pronounced as the sound of the letter - not the name of the letter), which is now down to just a tag - literally. So into our bed she went and we settled in. Fortunately it was already 5AM because I did NOT sleep from that point on. This child is a child who NEEDS contact with you and with my NOT wanting contact at night it results in this: She snuggles against me. I move away once she's settled. She moves closer to me to snuggle. I move away. Eventually, there is the edge of the bed and I can't move any more so I just sit there like someone is running their finger nails on a chalkboard. Finally at 6:45, I told her "Go in and watch TV" since she was awake and she was more than happy to do this since I cut off all TV in the morning before school for now (until they can get started on their schoolwork when I tell them to). Of course, once she left, I went back to dreamland and slept until 9:30!

But you know what? She felt secure. I can give up a night of sleep to allow my kids to feel comforted and protected. There's nothing like sleeping between mom and dad and knowing that no matter what the bad dream was, you're OK now. That's what I want for my kiddies.

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Beth said...

Yep, you're right. I love to sleep snuggled up to my kids. I sleep like a dream unless it's one of those nights where they're all over the place. Then it's a bit difficult.

Glad I found your blog!