Friday, April 25, 2008

ICK!! Stomach virus is NOT fun

So yesterday morning I was woken up really early by DH tossing and turning. He had something happen that was bothering him and he wasn't sleeping well and when that happens, I don't sleep well either. I remember seeing 3 something on the clock. Bleck! Then I did fall back to sleep only to be woken at 4:30 by such bad stomach pains that I actually had to breathe through them. Spent time in the bathroom, back in bed, back in the bathroom, back in bed. I needed to be at the barn at 8:30 to show a new girl Starr (the old horse that I've ridden for over 20 years) and I almost canceled but I knew my schedule wouldn't allow another time to do this so I went ahead and took some immodium then went. I couldn't even drink my tea I felt so icky - but I went anyway. Fortunately the Immodium kicked in and I even got to ride a bit. I was there from 8:30 until 2 (WAY longer than I normally stay at the barn) then raced off to church to meet with someone about pictures for Sunday. Whew! I finally came home, got some soup and crashed on the couch for the rest of the evening. I'm feeling better today but am still not that hungry - but atleast I can have my beloved tea! LOL

Well, I haven't heard from anyone about my challenge to show me one doctrine that is changed in the "modern versions" of the Bible and to name a well-known and well-respected theologian who was KJV-only. That speaks volumes to me. I know that God is good - and is strong enough to preserve His Word in not only the King James Version but the other valid modern versions such as the NIV, ESV, NASB, etc. I thank God for His Word to us that we can know His heart, His will and His desires for us. :)


Prairiehomemaker said...

Glad yo uare feeling better!
I have been watching your challenge with interest, both here and on the message board.
So far i have not seen any serious answers, mostly folks making fun.
That does say alot aobut folks who claim to KNOW it is the only true Bible.

Thursday's Child said...

I agree with you. God is all-powerful. He can certainly preserve His Word in whichever translation. I love the KJV for the beauty of the language and I'd love for it to be used in my church on Christmas Eve and Easter when we really go all out to celebrate. Make it more formal. But otherwise, I prefer a version that's more readable. I respect those who have a preference and have strong convictions for it, but that doesn't mean it's the ONLY one worth using. I have some I don't care as much for but there are people who do. As long as they're studying God's Word, who cares?

Grace said...

I'm glad that you feel better! I'm not surprised that there haven't been any responses to the challenge...