Saturday, April 19, 2008

Just stuff

So just a few things for today. I'm feeling migrainy so my mind isn't too clear - don't want to make TOO many statements. LOL DH and I did have a bit of a theological talk today and it was great, though. He just got back from a conference called Together for the Gospel and he was under the teaching of some awesome men of God - John Piper, John MacArthur, Mark Dever, CJ Mahaney, RC Sproul, Ligon Duncan and Al Mohler. It was for pastors and church leaders - and was a very "heady" week according to him. You can get the MP3s of the messages if you wish to listen to what went on - I have Sproul's message on CD to listen to in the car over the next few days - I heard it was amazing.

So then DH came in with the bag of books that were GIVEN to all 5500 men who were at the conference. JEEPERS - it will take us a good year to read this stuff! There are books like The Truth of the Cross by Sproul, The Gospel According to Jesus by MacARthur, Pierced for Our Transgressions by Jeffery, Ovey and Sach, Culture Shift by Mohler, The Future of Justificaiton by Piper and a ton of others. VERY cool - I've got my reading list for a long time. :D

We also heard from the second college for my daughter - and got a smaller scholarship offer. So now it looks like the college of her choice will be it - if we can figure out how to raise $15,000 a year for it. SIGH. So we have a new prayer request - for provision for her to be able to go to this college. I do think this is the best place for her and if God agrees, we'll be able to do it. :) God is able, and I trust Him.

So today we're going out shopping. Daddy and son are on the boat and the girls will go shoe shopping and possibly pick up a few clothes for the teens. Thank heavens that long shorts and long t-shirts are the new style! It's nice to be able to shop easily for some clothes for them without having to turn down most everything out there.

Lastly, I just wanted to address something about the KJVO post. I'd challenge anyone who thinks that the modern versions are "perversions" or in grave error to send me any doctrine that the modern versions leave out. I'm not speaking of the times where the name of Jesus Christ is changed to Jesus - or the Spirit is written instead of Holy Spirit. I'm speaking doctrine. Where the modern versions take out the doctrine of grace; the doctrine of the substitutionary sacrifice of the Lamb of God; the doctrine of the inspiration of the Word of God. Remember context of verses, and the other times the same word is translated in different ways. So, just a little study to do on your own. :) Oh - and if there are any famous theologians who also followed the belief that the KJV is the only inspired Word of God for the English speaking people, I'd love to know their names. I haven't been able to find any myself.

Just adding in this great article by someone who was once KJVO and it tells of his story in no longer being KJVO. It's a good read - very interesting:


Prairiehomemaker said...

Awww Ann I was hoping after all their praise for it to be knock your socks off offer! Well God will provide!

I look forward to reading if anyone takes up your challenge.

Thursday's Child said...

I hope things work out for your daughter's school. I don't miss the days of school shopping at all! I still wish I'd been able to go to Gustaphus Adolphus like Grandpa but it wasn't meant to be.

I look forward as well to how your challenge turns out.