Saturday, April 12, 2008

Life on the "Sound"?

Well, I guess I can explain the "Sound" part of the title of this blog. I live on Long Island in NY and the water between Long Island and Connecticut is called the Long Island Sound. I've always lived on Long Island - well except for the first 3 weeks of my life before I came to NY after being born in California. I was adopted and once the paperwork was done, I came here to Long Island. I lived in a few towns but now we're in a beautiful town on the north shore of Long Island right on the sound (well, about a 1/2 mile from it). We have a sailboat and we know it's the beginning of the "summer" when the boat is in the water and ready to go. Today is that day.

I'm sitting here waiting for the phone call......oops! I just got the call! I'll finish this later!

OK - Sorry about that! What I was saying was that today is the day for the boat to be brought home. It was put in the water on Wednesday but it was in the harbor next to us so we had to bring it home. DH and 3 of the kiddies went off to bring it over and can I just say, DH is a happy big guy. The boat is a huge joy of his. It's his cave, his hobby, his vacation, his sanctuary and his fun. He's so happy to be thinking that it's the beginning of the season. ME? I don't share his excitement so much. Just as he doesn't share my excitement of horses. Oh well! But Set Free being in our harbor means that summer is on it's way!

What was the phone call? The call to pick them up from the harbor so I can bring DH back to the other harbor to get his car. :)

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