Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Reading through the Bible in a year

So I committed to read through the Bible this year and I have a confession to make. I'll most likely be done with this "year" by tax day next year. I am allowing myself the grace to miss a few days here and there and at this point, I'm a week behind, but that's OK. I have a choice - I can either give up (which leaves me with not having read through the entire Bible finally) or to just keep going and allow myself to read the Bible in 15 or 16 months. So this year, I'm choosing the latter rather than the former. :) I'm reading through the Bible this time chronologically and it's SO cool to see the different parts of Scripture that happened at the same time. While reading through 1 Samuel, I read the Psalms that David wrote when being chased by Saul - and it makes so much sense. I know what he was going through at the time he wrote it so it gives new meanings to his words. It's very cool! Thanks, Michelle, for turning me on to that! I don't remember the site that has the list that I'm using, but I'm sure if you look up "chronological bible reading" or some such, you'll find it. :) I can highly recommend it!


Michelle said...

The site that I got it from is temperamental at best. Sometimes it opens and other times it doesn't. Google Local Bible Publishers and you may be able to get to it :)

As for being on schedule, considering I started last year at some point and am now 3 days behind if I had started on Jan 1, I need to get myself back in gear. Oh well.

Mamame said...

Boogers - I'd hoped you'd post it. LOL I really like the plan though. And, hey - reading the Bible through in WHATEVER time is better than not reading through the Bible. :D

Michelle said...

I tried to post it. Couldn't get it to open, so thought better of it!

And I agree, reading it through in whatever time frame is better than never reading it.

Sheree said...

My goal is to read a chapter a week. It helps me not to have a daily goal because then I don't feel so guilty if I miss it LOL. I think as long as we are reading our bibles as much as we can then we are doing a good thing, kwim?

Thursday's Child said...

When we lived in Lebanon I started reading 2 chapters in the OT and 1 in the NT each night. We moved here over a year and a half ago and it was probably a good 6 months before THAT when I started. LOL Well, I'll get there eventually.
I'm on my second time through the NT and in Ezekiel in the OT. When (note I'm not saying 'if') I finish, I'll hit you ladies up for the chronological schedule.

Anonymous said...

Bible in a Year - Read the Bible in a Year through E-mail Program .

This is the program I have used for years Ann. Love it my reading comes right in my mail box, you can choose your version
and how you would like to read it.
Hugs, Ella