Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bleck - Strep

Seems that strep has hit our home. My son came down with it last Friday (last week) and is on Amoxicillin. The funny thing was that he had NO sore throat - just a bad cough! But his tonsils were super swollen and the glands in his neck were swollen so the doctor figured he'd test him. Sure enough - strep. Then this Thursday night, my little one said that her throat hurt and she was looking kind of icky, though no fever. So she went to the doctor Friday and ..... strep. In the meantime, I came down with a bad cough and MY tonsils are swollen so I'm guessing I have strep too but I can't get to the doctor until Tuesday at the earliest because my doctor is only in Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday. SIGH If I'm up tonight coughing or if I feel more sick tomorrow, I may go to the walk-in place near us. I hope they take our insurance!!

So tonight is daddy and son sleeping on the boat (first night to sleep on the boat this season) and girls' night to just veg. I bought the new National Treasure 2 and we WERE going to watch it but the teens did nothing they were supposed to so no movie night. I just may even keep them away from the cake I bought. ;) Nah - I'll be nice and share. LOL

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Donna said...

I hope the family gets well quickly! Also see if there is a Minute Clinic near you. They are in some CVS stores around here are just for this type of thing. Strep is not something you should mess with since it can affect the heart.

Another option call you doctor's answering service and see if they would call something in for you.

(Can you tell I have BTDT WAY to much LOL)