Thursday, May 1, 2008

College - UGH!

OK - When they say college is expensive, they're not kidding! And you can make a pittance and they still expect you to pay a large portion of the bill! OY!! Well, today is the deadline for the deposit for college and we're still working on finances. One college gave Lauren a grant which the other college didn't and so now we're looking to see what the college of her choice is going to do. MAN, this stuff is frustrating! I do pray that the right decisions will be made, that God will bring together the finances and that Lauren will do well in college and be prepared for her future. Fortunately this is a career that even as a mom with kids she can still do. She can teach classes at night, work with the art league, teach other homeschoolers, etc. She has a heart and a talent for art and I'm glad to see that she's looking to work with others with that gift. :)

So, once we get this one going, we only have 3 more to do this with! One in 2 years and then 2 others 10 and 12 years from now.

Lord help us!!


Thursday's Child said...

Well, at least you'll get lots of practice. Maybe you can make some money on the side doing this for others when you're through with your kids. LOL

Prairiehomemaker said...

Ann, you all will be fine, God always provides!

Grace said...


I know the Lord will make a way. I find it fascinating... I'm reading anxiously because I know it's not that far off for me.


Anonymous said...

God will provide!

Anonymous said...


God is Faithful. He's got you covered . Your a daughter of the King of Kings !
Hugs, Ella