Sunday, May 4, 2008

Father-Daughter Dinner

One thing our church does each year is to have a Father-Daughter Dinner in May. Both of my older girls went when they were of age (from kindergarten through 6th grade) and now it's Joanna's turn. So Saturday night, DH and JoJo went off to their first dinner ... with the rest of the family in tow. LOL - we all had jobs to do (well, except Robby who's 7 but he went with the boys of the other moms who were helping), so we all went together. I DID make sure we all stayed away from the couple for the night so they could have their special time. They had a wonderful catered dinner, formal pictures (with the girls getting pretty rose corsages), dessert, a great skit, some dancing (the chicken dance - LOL) and then a talk from our Family Life Pastor and his grown daughter. It was very special and Joanna told me when I put her to bed that it was the BEST day ever for her. How cute is that??

I think it's so important for daddies to spend time with their daughters. If a dad invests time in his daughter, she won't be looking to get that love from elsewhere and end up with heartache. She'll know that her daddy is always there for her to love her unconditionally, protect her and guide her. I see my husband having done that and continuing to do that and I see the results in my two teens who are comfortable with themselves, have a heart for the Lord and are not so boy crazy that they're distracted from the truth. Some day, when the right boy comes around and can get past DH, the girls will know without a doubt that this boy is the one that God has chosen for them. Until such time, they're comfortable having daddy do some pre-screening and guarding so that they know that they're safe. :) For now, Daddy is the love of their lives and there's something really special about that.


Prairiehomemaker said...

Ann your girls are so blessed to have you and your Beloved caring for them.

Grace said...


Sounds like a wonderful time. I know my dd loves to spend time with her Dad. They spent an afternoon recently kayaking on the Big Sioux River and had a blast.

What a shame that our society doesn't value the contributions that men make as Dads to these little people! Anyone can be a bio-father, but being a Dad... is so much more.

Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

I think Grace hit it on the head....

Anyone can be a bio dad but it takes a special man to be as dad... I have one. He is a great dad to my children that are not his..... as well as to that are his biologically.