Sunday, May 25, 2008

Here we go again

A quote from another blog - where my comment apparently was blocked:

"If I poured you a glass of pure, sparkling, bottled water and then added just a drop of gasoline would you drink it? Then why would you read a Bible that has a "little bit" of error?"

What is sad is that the "little bit of gasoline" is an outright lie. It's sad to me that people would listen to the lies of those who wish to water down the Word of God to their own standards. They make the KJV the standard against all other Bibles - that other Bibles "take out", "delete", "remove" or whatever. But when you measure the KJV to the Textus Receptus, you can see the exact same thing happening - the KJV removes, changes or even ADDS to the Bible from the original text. The arguments against the "modern versions" that are not based off the TR can be turned around and brought right back to the KJV.

What is even sadder is the extremes that the KJVO crowd goes to - even going so far as to say that the "Word" in John 1:1 refers to the King James Bible. "I have one God - the King James Bible - not 10 different Gods who all say things a little differently. " said by Pastor Steve Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church. I know of atleast one woman who's husband and she feel that he's a great pastor and 'right on'. **SHAKING HEAD**

What's surprising to me is that any person who has studied the translation issues through history - even the KJV writers themselves - have not fallen under the false teaching of the KJVO cult. I asked for the name of any respected theologian and I've gotten none. I asked for doctrine that has been changed and I've gotten none. That is because the KJVO doctrine cannot stand up to the truth.

The "gasoline" is as much of a lie as the man on one board that speaks of the government spying on us through our TV sets. It saddens me when people get into this issue and continue to push it. To say that God's Word is poison and harmful is very dangerous and I'd not want to be in any church, around anyone, who would teach such heresy. It now puts doubts in God's Word and the reliability of what we have being the truth or not.

We can have full assurance that the Scriptures we have - whether KJV, NIV, ESV, NASB or others contain the full truth of God's Word - do not compromise the Gospel - and are not in "error" as some will claim. Yes, there are differences and some passages/verses/words that might be in question. Yes, some of the passages/verses/words are not in all of the manuscript evidence that we have. But are we going to stand on a single translation or are we going to study the manuscripts and come to a right conclusion? The TR is not without error. Period. There is no "grand conspiracy" to take the diety of Christ out of the Bible with the modern translators. I thank God that He is stronger than the enemy and has preserved His Word for us in multiple versions for the English speaking world.

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Prairiehomemaker said...

Thank you Ann. People can read into any version what they choose to. Is that right? No. However it happens. Churches teach Baptism saves, that sprinkling an infant is baptism, even though the greek clearly says it is not. Some turn a blind eye to sin because "we are not to judge". Misusing scripture comes in all forms.
It is not the Bible that is in error, all Bibles I have EVER read say the same things, I own several different translations, they all mean the same thing, yes a word or two is different, but the gist, the meat of the issues are the same. No amount of arguing is going to change that.
One thing I KNOW, The WORD was with God at the beginning of time, the KJV was not.