Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hug your children

There was a mom online who I had dealt with a lot years back when my two little ones were in diapers. She had a boy a few months after I had my youngest and I remember seeing the pictures of his birth. Well, her son, Samuel, passed away into the arms of Jesus this morning. My prayers are with the whole family during this time. It was long in coming as Samuel had been sick for 4 years with SEVERE issues from the cancer and it's treatments. I just can't believe he's gone but I'm glad that he's no longer going to know pain and suffering. God - I can't imagine going through this....

Rest in Jesus, Samuel.


Thursday's Child said...

Oh, the poor baby. But, yes, he's with God now and he's no longer suffering. He'll be waiting for his family (and you, of course) to join him one day.

Prairiehomemaker said...

Ann, I will add this family to my evening prayers.
Thank you Ann for being there for them.
Many people are blessed by you.

Grace said...

Praying for this family, Ann! I sure am glad that you are able to be there for them!