Monday, May 19, 2008

Sad state of Christianity

I'm on a few different boards and each one has a different purpose in my life. One secular board I joined years ago when DS was little was a great place to learn about cloth diapers, get support for breastfeeding and just being with some mamas who were very sweet. I knew that I had very different religious beliefs than the majority of them but that was OK. There was still plenty that we had in common and I felt comfortable there.

Well, the last few days really showed me how much I don't "fit in" there but I do belong. This whole thing about CA approving g*y marriage resulted in a ton of "yeah!" posts and someone else said that they'd have to disapprove. I posted after her knowing that it was like stepping into a vat of snakes but I didn't want her to stand alone. Well, this has been an interesting two days including being called a "hateful bigot", that I'm prejudiced as well as a few other things. In addition I've been accused of "prooftexting" to prove that homosexuality is wrong according to the Bible. Lastly, I've seen "Christians" who deny central tenants of Scripture yet get angry when you show them what the Bible says.

Well, I'll continue to stand for truth. I'll continue to stand for the Word. I'll continue to stand for God.

I was told to leave the site (by a friend of mine) but then tonight I get on the board to a number of PMs saying "thank you for standing up" by the other believers on the board. While we certainly shouldn't do things for a "pat on the back" but it IS nice to be encouraged when under attack. I think I will stay and continue to try to speak the Word of God when necessary. I pray that someone will maybe even find God through this fiasco. Only God knows.


Grace said...

So sorry that happened, Ann.

Prairiehomemaker said...

Ann,I admire your courage and your spunk. A couple days ago I left a board because I did not want to be involved the anti God style. I knew it was not totally a Christian place, but the depth of the unrest I had not known. I just get so irritated at useless arguing. There are better uses for a Christian woman's time than tearing down the belief of another. Some places just don't care what God says, I am trying to stay away from those. At the same time, I understand needing to reach out to them.
Keep being a beacon Ann, the world needs them!

Jen said...

You are doing exactly what Matt. 5:16 exhorts. I am so proud to call you my friend,

Thursday's Child said...

Good for you, Ann! You are definitely a woman I admire. This is one of the reasons why.