Monday, May 26, 2008

Very funny - gotta love an old doctor

So, the strep has been going through our home and I finally was sick enough to go to the walk-in clinic near us yesterday. Sitting in church on Sunday was torture because I was TRYING to run the projector but also trying to keep from coughing and by the time the sermon started, I knew I couldn't do it. So off I went.

I went into the place, signed in and grabbed the business card and saw a name that looked familiar. It was the same name as the doctor that my husband had as a young man - their family doctor. The doctor I saw never introduced himself but checked me over, did a strep test (negative) and diagnosed me with an infection deeper in my throat (not into the lungs though because they were clear). We knew infection because of the ick I can cough up (sorry for the TMI), so he put me on an antibiotic. I took a look at the prescription and it had this doctor's name on it so I asked the receptionist if he had been a family doctor in my husband's childhood town. Turns out it WAS him!! Fortunately I was OK with the diagnosis because this doctor messed up my hubby pretty seriously in his treatment of DH's asthma. Told my husband when I got home and we both had a good laugh. He had come out of retirement. :) But I'm now on an antibiotic and already feeling a little better.

But the best part of the entire thing was the doctor asking about the kids (because I told him my two little ones had strep). He asked how old they were and I told him 5, 7, 16 and 18 and he looked shocked. "Wait - HOW old are you??" and he looked at my chart. I'm 43. He told me that he thought I was 27 - and said "MAYBE 30 but no more than that." I don't care if he mistreated my husband for years and that he now has a 70% lung capacity to prove it - this is a great doctor! LOL Yeah, I know - he's old and isn't good at diagnosing so I guess I should take it with a grain of salt but I'm not going to. He took 16 years off my appearance! Ahhhh - the joy.


Thursday's Child said...

Don't you love days like those?

Anonymous said...

Hey thats neat.