Wednesday, June 4, 2008


OK - I finally finished one book and just read another book - both of which I want to recommend to all.

The first is "The King James Only Controversy" by James R. White. If anyone has any questions about the whole KJV "only" issue or wants to know about how we have the translations we have and the differences between them, this is an amazing book. It's a pretty easy to follow book and Mr. White has an amazing support of reference material (the bibliography is HUGE as are the footnotes at the end of each chapter), and it's a blessing to read. The book was only $10 or so at Amazon and I think most everyone should have a copy of this. DH will be reading it soon because I think it explains the reasons behind the few differences between the versions and gives great support to the fact that the Bible translations we have today are as accurate and as much the Word of God as the KJV.

The second book is a book that I got from our homeschool presentation night. My co-leader got this at a conference and said it's a must-read for all moms and I read it this morning - fully agreeing with her assessment. The book is called "The Invisible Woman - When Only God Sees" by Nicole Johnson and it will bless all women who feel that what they do is totally invisible to the world. It's a fast read - less than an hour for most readers but it's one that will change the way you look at yourself and how you minister to your family. As for this for your birthday. Save up to get it. I promise you will be blessed.


Thursday's Child said...

Don't you just love a really good book? I'm thinking we'll skip the dish this summer and just rent movies so we can spend more time just reading. Heaven!

Grace said...

I love a good book. I'm off to go look at the one on Amazon... I can't resist books. I have tried.