Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Been a while!

Man, it's been a while since I posted! We were busy with the building dedication at church then we were readying for our vacation. We went away over the 4th of July week on our sailboat and had a wonderful time. Thank God we had good weather because after a storm last year, I would be petrified of another one. But we were safe and sound the whole trip. We didn't get to do much swimming because of the jelly fish - the big icky red ones called "Lion's Mane". NO WAY was I going in with them. Their tentacles are so long that you don't even need to see them to be stung. Yucko! So we waited until we got to a place called Hamburg Cove where the water is fresh (yes, you can get to fresh water from salt water) and then we hardly left the water. It was a great trip, lots of fun being with the kids and we even got to use our sailboat as a sailboat for about 2 hours over the whole week! LOL I have to say that in this fuel crunch, it's SO nice to have a sailboat because even with all the motoring we did, I figure we spent about $70 or so tops for a week. Not too shabby!

So now it's back to life. I'm still working on the laundry and cleaning up the pile in the entry hall (thank heavens we have a large entry hall) because this is "Youth Week" at church which means a lot of driving of the teen girls. Then today I took our oldest off to college for her orientation. She'll be there for 3 days and it's the first time she's away from home at something that has nothing to do with God or people we know (everything else has had both components before). But she called and she's met some friends and she's having a good time. I know that she has a strong heart for the Lord and I have no doubt that others will meet Jesus through her over these next 4 years. :) But MAN, I still can't believe she's going to college. OH!! She also has her first credit card! YIKES!! So far so good but let's see what she does at school with it.... Oh Lord! Am I ready for this? I need STRENGTH!! :)

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