Monday, July 21, 2008

Stuff on Lauren

Well, Lauren's graduation party was a success - much due to the wonderful young man who's good friends with the girls and he 95 degree humidity....a real honest to goodness SNOW CONE MACHINE!!!! How cool is that? We had a great time and Lauren was thrilled.

She also got back her AP grade for 2D Art - a 5! The grade is from 1-5, 5 being the highest grade. She was thrilled AND that gave her 3 college credits.

Finally, she took her road test today and passed on the first try! That's my girl! LOL Now to get brave enough to let her really drive the car by herself. ;)

This next week will be a quieter week which is good because it's still HOT. We're having a heat wave in NY with temps over 90 degrees for 6 days now (I think) and we also have the wonderful NY humidity to go along with it. We've not had rain for a while either so my lawn is just about dead. :( I'm enjoying my AC today and just resting because I went riding and ended up with a bit of heat exhaustion. Bleck!

The only thing I really need to worry about this week is getting ready for our VBS. I do all the refreshments - feeding 150+ workers, 450+ kids and then parents too. We have "dry run" on Thursday so I'll get some things for that (thinking just bagels, a couple of danishes and some fruit along with the coffee and tea), and then I need to do the big Costco run and buy the drink mixes, cookies and stuff to make my own trail mix. :) So this week I'll enjoy the little down time before the mad rush!! LOL


Laurie said...

Congratulations to your daughter! My son just graduated and we just had his party on Saturday. It was a heat wave in upstate NY, too.

Anonymous said...

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Thursday's Child said...

Mabrook, Lauren!

Ann, sounds like you're in Beirut. I hate going down there if I can't avoid it. Too humid. Blech!

Prairiehomemaker said...

I am also proud of Lauren!
Oh and honey, you live in a big rush!

Karyn said...

Ann...our little ones are growing up and taking the first big steps out of the nest...we stand and wave with joy, pride and sorrow....i am so proud of Lauren and of you....great job should both be very proud...mother and daughter...and here's to Lauren for a driver's license in her hand!