Saturday, August 23, 2008


Sorry I've been MIA. Many of you know we were away on vacation on the boat and we had a wonderful time. We went to Connecticut and Rhode Island and got to see some great sites including the battleship Massachusetts, Mystic Seaport and Block Island, RI. The only problem is that we came home with DH having a massive infection in his leg and so we've been dealing with that for the last few days. He ended up at the surgeons who cut open the leg to drain it and now he has quite a slice in his leg with a gauze drain in it. Poor guy gets SOOOO ooged out when he looks at it and each time I need to change the dressing to let him soak it, he gets all lightheaded.

I thought of a blog entry that I'll put up in the next day or so - once things settle down here. 2 weeks of being on a boat with 6 people results in a LOT of laundry and junk being unloaded and dumped in the house. Also my oldest starts college on Monday and homeschooling starts in just a week and I need to get ready! So it's going to be pretty busy for a bit. But I promise to post soon. :)

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Thursday's Child said...

I hope your DH's leg heals quickly. Good luck with the new school year.