Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Total epiphany!

OK - I just had a moment where something just totally made sense to me and it's really interesting. Just before my shower this morning (about 30 minutes ago), I watched Good Morning America and their interview with Steven Curtis Chapman and his family - the first interview since the death of his 5 year old daughter. While I'm sure they edited out most of their discussion about God what stood out was that through their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, they know that there is more to this life than the here and now. They look forward to the day when they will dance and sing with their little princess again but know that she is with her heavenly Father. They know that what we do here has an eternal significance.

Then I was listening to the TV on behind me. The children are watching Handy Manney on Playhouse Disney but there was a commercial that was on speaking about "What can we do for the earth?" It hit me just then. The focus and energy spent on the environment by so many is their own way to try to make a difference eternally. Well, we know it's not really eternal but they look for some significance beyond themselves and some way to make a difference when they're gone. If they can even do a few things to decrease the amount of trash, the amount of pollution, the number of trees killed or the endangered species saved, they've made a difference.

As Christians, we know that there is a God - a Creator of this universe. We know that when people die without a Savior, they will go to hell. As believers, we should be as militant and diligent as the environmentalists - and make the idea of spreading the Gospel as common as recycling. There are people saving the trees and the piping plover (a small shore bird that is endangered and makes it's home on Long Island), when so many souls are lost. We are ALL looking to leave a mark behind us when we leave. Will my mark be a clean earth (which is important too - don't get me wrong) or will it be hearts made clean by the blood of the Lamb through my life and testimony? It's not enough just to live your testimony but to give it too. One person recycling is not going to save the planet so there is a huge push to make it known by advertising and media - to make it appealing and to make it a personal mission. In the same way, just me living like a Christian is important but I also need to be able to SHARE Christ and His sacrifice for the lives of those around me. It's going to be easy to remember this idea because of the plethora of information on the environment that is out there - from the news and papers to the internet and just general discussion. Hearts are crying out for significance - how much more significant can it be than to turn your heart to the Lord?


Thursday's Child said...

I agree with you 100%. We work so hard for things we think are important (and many of them are) but rarely anything near the same effort into sharing the gospel. What could possibly be more important than that?

Prairiehomemaker said...

Well put Ann.