Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Who is Jesus?

OK - I'm so not a political person. I wish I didn't have to get involved at ALL in politics but because of my right to vote, I do try to stay on top enough to be able to give an educated vote when the time comes. Of course we have a presidential election coming up and we're hearing all sorts of dirt on both candidates. I will say that I'm a Republican but Barack Obama has had quite a bit of press in the past - good and bad - and I've heard claims about how he's a "Christian". I've also seen his church and his pastor and obviously have not been too impressed but I never was able to understand his beliefs in claiming to be a "Christian" but now I do. And it's not good. Here is a link to a blog from a woman who used to be the religion reporter for the Chicago Sun Times. She interviewed Mr. Obama back in 2004 and the interview is very telling. It's a very interesting read.


If you can't handle reading white letters on a black background (I know many can't), here's the same interview on another site - which is very anti-Obama but it's a clearer read. I like to try to get information like this closest to the original as possible so that's why I have the first link. :)


I found the interview to be very sad. I now understand Mr. Obama - and he's lost. Truly lost. :(


Thursday's Child said...

Thank you! I'm soooo glad I'd already decided to vote against him. I have no problem voting for someone who's not Christian. He can be any other religion or not a follower of any religion at all. But to vote for someone so obviously not a Christian but claiming to be? Knowing he's that deceitful I could never do it. He needs to stop lying to himself and all the rest of us.

Prairiehomemaker said...

re right Ann, this is extremely sad.
All we can do is pray that God opens his eyes for him.