Saturday, September 27, 2008

Life without hubby for the weekend

So DH is away on the men's retreat from church. He left later yesterday morning and will be back by dinner time tomorrow night. I love my hubby and love when he's around but there's something...I don't know...more low key when he's not home? I'm not worried about what he's doing or what he needs - I can focus on the kids and the house and let some things go. :) So today is cleaning day since it's raining and icky out and tonight's dinner is simple. I'm going to go out later and get a video for the kids and I to watch (probably Star Wars - the original one - since my college student daughter has that as an assignment for a class) and some ice cream to munch. Tomorrow will be church and afterwards, we'll do some more straightening up to be sure that everything is nice for when DH comes home. To come home from a men's retreat where he's working for much of the weekend (worship pastors work on retreats - LOL) to a clean house, happy kids and a nice dinner on the table is the best way for me to bless him right now. :)

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