Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Monday!

So, I turned on the heat and what happened? We had frost on Friday morning - it was FREEZING!!! I drove my high schooler to school so she wouldn't stand at the bus stop with a wet head. Saturday morning? 65 degrees. LOL So the heat hasn't been running since Friday although we're due to drop tomorrow and by Thursday, the high is going to be 48 degrees. That's pretty chilly. But we're ready now. :D

I just finally got DS's winter clothes out so he's all set. I put away all of the summer stuff, organized his winter stuff and I feel really good about that. All I need to do now is to check on winter boots and see if I need to buy any (probably not - we're usually good on this since I buy gender neutral colors for the big girls which then gives us lots for hand-me-downs for the littles. Oh!! I was so happy! I bought the big girls Patagonia fleece coats over the years and I just couldn't find them for the littles. I knew I had each size for them but they were all missing. Well, I found them last week so now the littles have great fall/early winter coats all set. These coats are amazing because they're so well made and very dense so that they're surprisingly warm and cozy. They don't look at all like they've been through 4 kids by the time Joanna is finished with them. I just passed the size 4 to a friend of ours and she was amazed at how good it looked. :) So while they were pricey (around $60 each), when you work it out, it's only $15 per child AND I can pass them on to another family. Not too shabby, huh??

So I worked out most of my menu for the week and I think this is it:

Monday - Crockpot pulled pork, rolls, cole slaw and carrot sticks
Tuesday - Roast beef quesadillas, salad
Wednesday - Cranberry, chicken and pear salad (we call this "good salad" - it's yummy
Thursday - Cranberry pork roast in the crockpot, rice, broccoli
Friday - Harvest Party at church - AND it's Robby's birthday!! He'll be 8!
Saturday - Family dinner for Robby - roast chicken, mashed potatoes, peas, salad, rolls
Sunday - Chicken soup, homemade bread, salad

We'll see how well I can stick to the menu. LOL

Oh - If anyone can tell me how to put the Organized Junkie "Menu Monday" thingie on my blog, I'd be forever grateful. :D

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Thursday's Child said...

I can't wait until December. We'll be home for DH's surgery and the holidays and it'll be cold! Whoohoo!

I so envy you.