Thursday, October 30, 2008

Home sweet home

I have to say, life is busy. I try to be diligent with homeschooling but then life happens and it gets put on the side. Yesterday was such a day. Wednesdays are usually pretty quiet except that I have a new mom's group that I run at church from 1-3PM and then I work at church from 6:40 until around 9PM. So the rest of the day I'm able to do homeschooling and housework. But yesterday I had made an appointment for my son who's been coughing a lot - just like 2 others in our family did last week (DH and my littlest one) but this was not clearing up and getting worse if he exerted himself or went outside so I figured it was time to go in. I figured maybe post nasal drip but I was wrong. Totally wrong. DS has walking pneumonia. Wowza!! So he's now on Zithromax and an inhaler.

So after yesterday's busy day (doctor, barber, church, grocery store, drug store, home, high school, home, church, home), today I'm reveling in staying HOME! I canceled horseback riding because I'd need to take Robby with me and I just don't want him to get exerted any more and the air is pretty chilly AND he's allergic to the horses so I don't think that will help much. DH will be picking up my oldest from the train station and my second daughter will walk to work from school so I don't have to leave until possibly tonight. But that will be OK.

I love staying home. I much prefer to be home all day over doing most anything else. Yeah, after being home for 3 or 4 days, I like to get out but now with a college student, high school student, both of them working jobs, doing stuff at church and doing things with the littles as well as the 2 days of riding means that I have no day to just be home anymore. So I'm savoring today. I'm loving today. I'm thanking God that Robby is fine and getting better and that we all can just stay home.


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