Thursday, October 2, 2008

Recipe Challenge

OK - I'm straightening up my "pile" in the kitchen (come on, admit it, you have one too) and I'm finding a bunch of recipes I've pulled out of magazines - or even the whole magazine with recipes marked! So I took the recipes and put them in my "to try" pile which is now getting to be a whole shelf in my cabinet. Uh-oh!! I think it's time to try some of these out.

So my challenge to myself and everyone here is to try a new recipe over the next week and atleast 3 over the month of October. I'd love for you to tell me the recipe then try it - and report back as to whether if it were good or not. If it's good, we must have the recipe too. :)

So, I'm going to try a beef burgundy from the Ladies Home Journal Family Favorites Cookbook (one of those little thin cookbooks they stuff in the plastic sleeve they ship the magazine in). It looks simple, hearty and oh, so yummy for fall! I'll let you know how it goes.


Grace said...

I'm in... I'm trying Moussaka. I've got it on my menu for Wednesday next week. Wish me luck!!

Grace said...

The Moussaka was amazing... go visit to see just how amazing it was...

And to get the recipe!!

Mamame said...

I'll be off to check it in a bit. :)

I've tried Burgundy Beef Stew which we all liked except DH wanted it thicker.

Then tonight we tried Poulet d'Artichoke which was a hit for everyone but the littles. They didn't like the curry or the artichokes in the casserole.

Oh well. You can't win them all!