Sunday, November 9, 2008

Christmas Cards

So I finally started looking for Christmas cards. I found a couple of nice ones at church but I need 4 boxes and they didn't have enough so I figured I'd look online. MAN!! The majority of cards are so WHIMPY!!! "May the wonder of the season light your way this Christmas" is NOT what I want to convey! The One who created the universe came here as a baby for one purpose - to redeem mankind - and we're remembering that amazing day. Can't we get something better than "Happy Holidays"????? I hate Christmas card shopping. I'm so picky. I found one that is OK but I'm not sure if I'll still get it or not....



Blessings said...

check sites like to see if they have any? I go to our Local Amish store for cards.

Grace said...


I found some GREAT cards at Walmart! You might look there.