Monday, November 10, 2008

Messiest teen girls' bedroom award

Do we win?? Do we win??
Oh - and that's mostly the better side - the other side on the right of the camera is worse. Don't know how my oldest even FINDS her bed. LOL

Needless to say mom's done. 8PM Saturday night I'm going in with trash bags. I'll clean it MY way. They have been warned - and grounded until then.


Anonymous said...

OMG---that's hilarious---AT YOUR HOUSE! LOL

Go, Mom!

GrammyGoo said...

Oh my socks Ann. I've got to tell you when DD was a teen-ager, her room looked just like that too , until I did a purge one day after several requests. Got to tell you something that was a funny wake-up call to DD. We had been out at a family event and when we returned home it looked as though the house had been either left open or broken into. We called the police to check. They came and the first room after the living room was DD's room. They were sure her room had been "ransacked" and we had been broken into. We were not, we just left the door open in our hurrying to leave. Never had a real problem getting her to clean her room after that about embarassing

Mamame said...

Grammy - That's hysterical!! Yeah - my living room is looking kind of like that but I'm giving them until the weekend so I'm allowing them to "spill" since it's a relatively small room for the two of them.

1/2 of the room is completely done. Take a marker, draw a line down the middle and that's about it. One side is cleaned, dusted, vacuumed. The other side? Well, ummm, I think it may be the side I need to hit Saturday night....