Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well, I'm sitting at home relaxing (kind of) with 5/6th of my family at home. I'm still waiting for my 16 year old to get home from a youth retreat and the roads are terrible so I'm not quite fully relaxed. :) I will be once she gets home.

Today, December 31st is a special day for our family. It's the day the final addition to our family was born. My little daughter is 6 years old today! She's what we consider our "bonus baby" since I struggled with infertility for so many years and worked hard for each baby I conceived but this little one seemed to just sneak in and I didn't know about her until I was 10 weeks pregnant. :) She's such an amazing blessing and an absolute cutie pie. I love my Chicky very much and thank God for her daily. Happy birthday Bean!!

In other news, my wonderful Christmas bonus has been spent. I was looking to maybe buy a Kitchen Aid mixer - or some other great thing that I can't afford (my bonus was just shy of $200) but what did I spend it on? A sick 2 lb. rabbit. Yep. Gohan is sick with a double ear and sinus infection and is on antibiotics and a probiotic. Lovely. But hopefully he'll be doing better soon.

Well, I'll finish this post with a wish. I wish you all God's greatest blessings in the new year. I pray that you will seek Him and grow closer to Him each and every day. God is good. He's not only the Creator of the universe but our own Daddy. How wonderful is that?

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