Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh the (not always) joyful busyness of the season

I always say things will be better next year but they never are. LOL MAN this holiday is crazy! I had a LOT of work this weekend thanks to the play at church. Yesterday I was at church for 8 hours split into 2 different times (came home for that short time to post yesterday). Today I'm trying to work on finishing up school for the week so we can be done by Friday but the kids are just not cooperating. They both are singing Christmas songs right now. LOL I still need to finish my cards, finish shopping, make 3 batches of my Christmas jam, wrap stuff for our staff Christmas party on Thursday, clean the house and set up Christmas at home! We have NOTHING set up yet! I'm hoping to knock that off my list by Wednesday. I can't go to a Christmas party that DH and I were supposed to go to tonight because of no one to watch the kids, and I"m not going to the Woman's Bible Study brunch tomorrow (DH leads worship for them) because I NEED to get school done. SIGH.

K - I think I need to set some realistic goals so I think this week, I will concentrate on:

Finishing school
making jam
getting the packages mailed out that need to go
finishing the cards

I'll have the girls set up the tree and decorate over the next few days so I don't have to worry about that. :) That might help a lot.

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