Sunday, December 28, 2008

SIGH .... Boys

So some of you know that we've had a new happening around the homestead. We've been visited by a teen boy. "Boy" is interested in our 16 year old and told her so about 3 weeks ago when they went into the city with the youth group. I had already told her that he was interested because he came here to watch a movie with her and I saw. Daddy saw too. She denied it and said that they were just friends but we knew better. She came home from the city and told us that he told her that he liked her in Rockefeller Center at the tree - just as it began to snow. :) I asked her if she liked him and she said "I think so." So it began.

Last weekend, we had a group of her friends come over to play games and hang out and hubby and I hung out with them. "Boy" was here too, of course. We had a fun time getting to know everyone (some we knew already, others were newer friends) and when it was time to go, boy asked DH if he could come to his office to speak to him about DD. Uh-oh. So DH borrowed the pastors' gun (the one that goes around to the pastors with daughters when boys start circling) and met with boy on Tuesday. They had a nice talk, boy was very respectful and honest. DH told him that we like him and see no reason to have to use said gun (LOL) but that boy and DD don't know each other that well since they only met 6 weeks ago so while it's not "no", it's "not yet". He asked boy what his parents thought - and they had said the same thing. So now intentions are given, boy and DD are told to wait and continue hanging out and getting to know each other. We'll have boy over a bit, we'll encourage them to get together in a group. And sometime we will have to say "OK" if the interest is still there and we haven't seen anything going on that we don't like. Honestly, this boy is a doll and has done some things that have not been in the spotlight but I've been privvy to that I really respect him for. So this is the first boy who's being given a chance. The other two were shot down hard and fast. LOL

Oh the joys of having daughters. But if boy turns out to be what he seems to be, I'd be happy to let him be a part of my daughter's life. He's a boy I'd be happy to have raised myself. That says a lot because I can be quite critical of other people's kids. I know it's not good but it's who I am. But I like boy. :)


Grace said...

Boy do I hear ya, Ann! And for that matter, having a son let me also just say... Girls!!

Thursday's Child said...


Boy should be thanking his lucky starts your DH isn't Lebanese!

Mamame said...

Uh oh - Please let us know what Lebanese dads do!! :)