Monday, January 5, 2009

This week's menu

OK - I need to get back on track with menu planning and general organization. Here's my menu for the week:

Sunday: rib eye steak, mashed potatoes, garlic peas
Monday: crockpot pulled pork on rolls, cole slaw, salad
Tuesday: fried chicken cutlets, mashed potatoes, green beans
Wednesday: chicken pot pie, salad
Thursday: meatloaf, mashed potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower
Friday: ravioli, salad, vegetable
Saturday: free (might be takeout or something)
Sunday: pork tenderloin, roasted veggies

We're eating a lot of mashed potatoes this week because DH LOVES them AND I got a 20 lb. bag for $5. They're thinner skin potatoes so I need to use them up a bit faster than normal. We get the potatoes from a farm on the eastern end of Long Island when we go to my ILs. A guy has them at the end of his driveway on a cart with a cash box next to them. Drop in your money and take your potatoes. :) LOVE that.

The "free" night is on Saturday but that can be changed depending on what's going on this week. If I need to take off another day, I will move that meal to Saturday. We haven't done take-out in a bit so I don't feel guilty asking for this favor for this week. It will end up being either Chinese, pizza or Mexican. :)

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