Saturday, January 10, 2009

An update on the man who I asked you to pray for.

Well, God is amazing. Really, truly amazing. I was continuing to keep in touch with AJ all through the day Wednesday and by Wednesday night another board member had found a pastor who was willing to go meet him and help him. Unfortunately, that didn't turn out well and AJ told me in the morning that he wasn't going to wait but he was going to kill himself that very day. I kept speaking to him via PM (I have now 100 PMs from 2 days with him) and trying to give him hope. It seemed I was getting through to him a bit and during that time, the other member decided to pay for him to stay one night in a hotel. So he got to have a good night's sleep and a shower, which was a great blessing. He was uplifted a bit by that. The next morning (now Friday morning), he had spent all morning on the phone but finally found a treatment facility for his depression - an inpatient place. So he just needed to get there but he was even willing to walk if he had to.

While he was trying to figure out how to get to the hospital, he went back to the library to PM us some more and to check up on his normal stuff when he went to his facebook and found an old friend had contacted him. Long story short, the friend felt the need to contact him and so she did. She and her husband paid for AJ to come to their state, and enter a local in-patient facility that was Christian!! Last I spoke to AJ, he was waiting for another pastor to pick him up to bring him to the bus station so he can start on his way to recovery.

What an amazing God. He knew just how to take people from so far away and put them together to minister to this gentleman. Now I pray that God continues to work in his life and bring him not only to a point of recover but of victory over his mental illness - to a point where he can minister to others who are in similar places. I know God has a great plan for this man and it will be a privilege to be a spectator in God working. :)

So there is a happy update. Please continue to pray for AJ as he has a long road ahead of him. Healing from depression is not easy but it is possible as we know that all things are possible with God.


Jenna said...

Praise the Lord!

Still praying


Ginger said...

Will sure keep this man in Prayer... What a blessing. God sure is a marvelous worker.

GrammyGoo said...

Praise the Lord God. Thanking Jesus for His hand of Mercy reaching out to AJ through so many different hands and voices.

Praising the Lord Ann, for your sensitivity and persistance in the Holy Spirit, to labor long in this process to reach this beautiful result. To God be the Glory !!!!!!!!

jalene said...

GrammyGoo expressed my thoughts so wonderfully, Ann.

I will certainly continue to pray for AJ as he embarks on his long journey.