Saturday, February 14, 2009

A couple more pictures now that I can....

These were a few pictures that were on Robby's camera (yeah, he has the old family camera and that's what I use - I SO get the leftovers around here).

First up is a picture of Nicole on our boat trip last summer. There's a cushion we have for the "captain's seat" that is like a 1/2 of a cylinder and we were all having fun with it. Nicole decided to put it on the seat with the curve side down and sit on top. We were joking around that she was trying to find her "center" so she posed in the meditation pose - and promptly fell over - but Robby apparently got it on the camera before she went down (note her hands thrown out):

Then we have a picture of JoJo and her cousin from Florida. Garrison is a year and a half younger than JoJo but you'd never know it from the picture - they're the same size!

Finally, a pic showing off Joanna's incredible eyes:

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