Monday, March 23, 2009

Life without DH/daddy

I love my husband completely and would be lost without him. We're coming up on 24 years of wedded bliss and he's my best friend.

But life changes when he's not around. He's gone away for 2 nights and I find when he's not here, I relax a little. I have no one to please at home, just my kids and, hey - they're fine without me working hard to please them. They don't care if the dishes are still in the sink or if we eat "slops" for dinner. They really don't care if my hair isn't done or if I'm in my sweats. They're just happy to hang out as much as I am and it's a nice different. I'm so happy when DH comes home but I also enjoy when he goes away for a few days. Of course he's not far away between e-mail, texting, facebook, video conferencing and the phone, so I don't feel that he's "gone" and I know he's coming back pretty quickly.

So tonight I'm in my sweats, chicken pot pie will be for dinner, kids will go to bed early and I will relax in front of CSI with a quart of Baskin Robbins chocolate chip ice cream. Oh yeah - that's something else I won't do around him. It's a girl thing. ;)

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