Monday, March 9, 2009

"Prosperity Affirmation"

In looking through the different boards I visit, I saw this on one that is not a Christian board. They have a room focused on something called "EFT" or "Emotional Freedom Technique" which, from what I can see is the secular version of "Name it and Claim it" theology. I'm just so saddened by this "prayer" or whatever it is because these people know they're seeking (read the comments left on the link), but they haven't accepted Who they are seeking. What's even sadder is knowing that there's a "Christian" version of this prayer and there are those who fall for it hook, line and sinker. Their view of themselves is so large and their god is so small. Contrast this to the teaching of Louie Giglio and you'll see the giant gap that is there between truth and lies.

I am the source of all wealth. I am rich with creative ideas. My mind abounds with new, original, inspired thoughts.What I have to offer is unique, and the world desires it. My value is beyond reckoning. What the world needs and desires, I am ready to produce and give. What the world needs and desires, I recognize and fulfill. The bounty of my mind is without hindrance or limit. Nothing can stand in the way of my inspired creativeness. The overflowing power of God life energy overcomes every obstacle, & pours out into the world, blessing & prospering everyone, & everything through me. I radiate blessings, I radiate creativity, I radiate prosperity, I radiate loving service. I radiate Joy, Beauty, Peace, Wisdom & Power. Humanity seeks me and rewards me. I am beloved of the world. I am wanted wherever I go. I am appreciated. What I have to offer is greatly desired. What I have to offer brings a rich reward. Through my vision the world is blessed. Through my clear thinking & steadfast purpose, wonderful new values come into expression. My vision is as the vision of the mighty ones. My faith is as the faith of the undefeatable. My power to accomplish is unlimited. I, in my uttermost God Source, am all wealth, all power, all productivity. I hereby declare my financial freedom, NOW and henceforth forever!

from The Prosperity Prayer by Joe Vitale

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sally said...

Thank you for this post; I'm in full agreement. I always find it amusing how closely these affirmations (and, in one case, a preacher's pledge to the Bible) sound like the comedic character Al Franken plays - the one who says, "I'm good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people like me."

Congratulations on being a mom 19 years ago! I have a 19 1/2 yr old who's a sophomore in college.