Sunday, March 8, 2009

A time of refreshing - and realizing just how indescribable God is

So I got home a few hours ago from our ladies' retreat and it was a blessed time indeed. "Pause on Purpose" was the theme and did I ever need that "pause" in my life right now. It was such a blessed refreshing time and I even got to share it with my oldest baby girl!! Wow! How did she get to be almost 19??

For our teaching Saturday night, we let Louie Giglio do the teaching via DVD. Fortunately, the teaching is also on Youtube in a series of 5 videos and I'd highly recommend that you take the time to watch all of the videos right in a row to get the full scope of what it is telling us. Here they are - be blessed...

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Anonymous said...

This is absolutely wonderful. It literally brought me to tears a few times, and prayers of repentance. Thank you for sharing this, Ann.