Wednesday, April 8, 2009

If any of you lacks wisdom

Well, I only have one wisdom tooth left. I had the two bottoms removed when I was a teen just before I got my braces and the tops came in and I've been using them as molars ever since. A couple of months ago, my top left wisdom tooth broke a bit thanks to a filling coming out but it didn't bother me so I didn't do anything about it (I HATE going to the dentist and would rather have my kidney removed). Well, the tooth broke a bit more and it was apparent I needed to go in so off I went 2 weeks ago. The dentist took one look at the x-ray and said "You're going to see the oral surgeon!" and I knew that meant it was coming out. GULP!!

Yesterday was the day. I was nervous but it went SO well. He numbed me up fast, and from the time that he first went into my mouth with the tools after I was numb to when he got the tooth out, it had to have been about 30 seconds. A little crunchy noise as he loosened the tooth then a pop as it came out. That puppy had BIG roots! Turns out those big roots went into my sinus even! YIKES! So now I have just one wisdom tooth left - that he said will have to come out sometime in the future. Bleck. But I'm doing great - no pain at all! I just feel a little pressure there and every once in a while a little throbbing but nothing that I even have to take Motrin for. :D Woo-hoo!! I was so scared about it but it turned out to be nothing. The ONLY issue is that I need to be careful about eating the next few days. I had soup last night and I snuck some Chinese food (I was starving) and we'll see what I do today. But I'm so happy that I'm doing alright. Whew!


Anonymous said...

No pictures of the tooth?? LOL

So glad you're doing ok, my friend! Wisdom teeth recovery can be a bear!

Let's chat soon! I miss you!

Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

I was once full of wisdom ~ had five of them, even. Now I have no wisdom at all...and, boy does it show! Heehee!

I'm so glad you're doing so well after your adventures with the dentist, Ann.

Prayers for continued rapid healing. Have fun sneaking a little good food here and there. Just be careful of that socket!