Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sorry - And Spring is Here!

Sorry I've not been posting but things have been crazy busy here! I worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday the same number of hours I work in two weeks. Then I had DD16 home from school sick with a super high fever (and discovered FINALLY last night that it's coxsackie) and I've been running my dad around after coming home from his knee replacement. Fun life!

Just an announcement though - spring is officially here. The landscapers are doing the spring clean up as I type this. Yes, we have landscapers. We have an acre of grass and my husband is allergic to all of it. LOL I do enough with homeschooling, working part time and such that we've budgeted to pay someone to do our property. We almost couldn't swing it this year but so far, so good. We're certainly not living high on the hog, and my house needs lots of work but outside will look nice. LOL I AM grateful for them.

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Mrs. Bee said...

We have landscapers too, only LOL we live in an apartment and NONE of this belongs to us LOL.... But it is nice to NOT do the work!!! I do miss it though. God is so awesome. I was thinking about you this weekend. I miss our chats.... You always make me feel better.