Sunday, July 19, 2009

Finish to a busy week

MAN was this week ever busy! We had 2 camps going on at church - MiniDOZ (a tambourine praise camp for young girls) and basketball camp. We thought this would be a nice easy week since our oldest is now driving but were we ever wrong! It was still running here, running there, hospitality, scrambling for dinners, and just a lot of chaos, IMO. I don't like chaos. I also don't like being pulled away from home all the time. I MUCH prefer to just be home and do stuff around here. My poor house has suffered this week and I have tomorrow to clean it up. SIGH

But we also had a lot of fun this week. Early in the week, we took our our guest pastor from last Sunday on the boat and we had a wonderful visit. The weather looked like it was going to be really bad (very windy) but it turned into an evening with a wonderful sail and lots of great food. We then took out another crew on Wednesday afternoon and again, had a wonderful time. This time was with a man who was helping at our basketball camp and two friends of his. This guy was a former Harlem Globetrotter, so he later in the week showed Robby some of his tricks. VERY cool. I had a great time on that sail because he brought his 2.5 year old daughter with him and she was ADORABLE. She was so funny - wanting to do "siwwy" things (silly). It made me ever so slightly think "Hmmm - another baby??" LOL

This week was also a time to watch my two older girls be mentors/teachers/spiritual "older women" to the young girls who were in their care. Both girls are leaders and had to deal with some situations that really showed their maturity. My 17 year old had a young girl (she had first graders - girls going into first grade) who didn't want to learn the patterns for the dance because she wasn't going to be there at the end on the last day. My DD explained to her - and to the other girls - that it's not about performing but about worshipping the Creator and even in how we do our practice and learning will be a form of worship to Him. The little girl "got" it and my DD told me that her entire attitude changed and now she was wholeheartedly learning the patterns so she could do it easily and then focus on God. How awesome is it to see our children walking in the Light! :)

Well, I'm off to church now. This afternoon, we will be in our village park with our worship team (DH leading it), the young girls doing one song and some other skits (promoting VBS) and drama. Should prove to be an amazing day and I thank God for the absolutely PERFECT weather we have for today. God is so good, isn't He?

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