Sunday, July 19, 2009

Praise in the Park

We had a WONDERFUL day today for our church's "Praise in the Park". We rent the gazebo in the village park and do worship, have some creative arts stuff and promote our VBS too. It was wonderful to worship the Creator on such a gorgeous day (low 80s, no humidity and right on the water - PERFECT). Here are a few clips to share with you.

This is my hubby (in the white polo playing keyboard) leading worship:

These are the little girls who did the tambourine worship camp. It's amazing watching these little ones learn the patterns - which each have a verse and a purpose for the movements and the girls needed to learn all of this stuff too! These are kids from Kindergarten through high school (the high schoolers are the teachers in the green - those are the girls who do this stuff in worship)

Here's another worship song. My daughter is the singer with the short dark hair. :)

Finally, the funny skit for promoting VBS. These guys will be doing the skit in VBS each day. "Buff" is a youth intern (works in the youth department with the youth pastors), "Dan the Man" is one of the youth pastors, "Gordo" (the dorkey guy) is a character that was in our kids' program during the year - he's a kid going off to Moody Bible Institute to become a pastor, possibly to the deaf. Finally, "Chanel" is a young woman who'd studying the arts and is a big help in dramas during the summer. Her mom is the head of the "DOZ", the tambourine worship.

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