Sunday, July 12, 2009


Well, our vacation is over - although the memories (and laundry) still linger. :) We had a wonderful time with the trip and were surprised by the very cool weather! Thursday's high was just 67 degrees - unheard of as even a low for July on Long Island! We went on the 4th to New Haven, CT to see fireworks (it was a very industrial area - not a fun destination except for the fireworks but it was fine), then we headed to our favorite harbor - Hamburg Cove, CT. Hamburg Cove is off the Connecticut River about 8 miles up from Long Island Sound. It's a fresh water cove so we did a LOT of swimming despite the cool temps. We stayed there two nights and then headed down the river a mile to Essex where we stayed at the Yacht Club and had a nice dinner at the Grizwald Inn (even though it POURED as we were going there and were soaked as we ate dinner). After Essex and it's rain and thunderstorms, we headed back to the Island and Greenport where my ILs live. We stayed on a dock there which was wonderful because we had wifi and full electric so we ran everything including the 3 computers we had on board! LOL We stayed in Greenport Wednesday and Thursday nights then headed to Port Jefferson, NY for our last night and were home by 2PM on Saturday to our mooring. As I said, now it's time to deal with the aftermath but it's not too bad since this was only a 1 week trip. Now our 2 week trip? THAT creates a lot of work afterwards! LOL

So without further ado, I leave you with some pics:

We bring all of our own food so that we don't have to take a family of 6 out to a restaurant (easily $150 no matter how frugal we try to do it). Here's what our galley (kitchen) looked like as we left the dock:

Here's my bed with all of our duffles:

Robby and JoJo processing their duffles and stuff. We put it all away in a locker (closet) on the left. I don't like to keep duffles out because it just seems to make more of a mess.

Robby, JoJo and I looking at something - don't know what it is:

Robby, the First Mate, navigating for the captain.

Here's JoJo swimming in Hamburg Cove:

Bob and I at the Griswald. My FIL graciously treats us to dinner here each time we're in Essex.

Lauren and Nicole at the Griz:

Robby and Joanna at the Griz:

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