Saturday, September 19, 2009

I was determined to get it done....

Back in May, we told our oldest that she HAD to clean up her room and I gave her my 1/2 of the garage to use to bring everything downstairs to sort then it all had to be brought back to her room in 2 weeks.  Of course that didn't fully happen and since it was summer and we had lots of things going on, I never got back to the garage to clean it out to get my car back in.  So I was determined to do it today and guess what?  It only took me an hour and an almost-asthma attack!  That's not that bad!  I didn't "clean" the garage but cleaned up all of the stuff that was right where my car goes and some stuff next to it (I guess someone found our sunflower seed bag since there was a nice hole and TONS of shells under/behind a box).  But I'm done and my car is in the garage!  Now the next goal is to clean out the other side so DH can get in there too.  He's not been in there for over 2 years.

MAN that feels good!

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