Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sorry I've been MIA again

Seriously, I stink at this blogging!!  Sorry about that!  I don't see it getting much better over the next few weeks either because life is going to spiral out of control soon!  You see, I was asked and I volunteered to do the sound for the Christmas program at church.  I went for my first practice on Tuesday night and it looks like it's going to be fun but the real business starts this week.  Practices are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights with me at church on Wednesday as well to do my regular work.  I'm back there on Friday for more of my job and then I'm there all day Saturday for practice and the first play is Sunday afternoon.  So Sunday is another day I'm at church all day.  The following week is Tuesday and Thursday nights then the play is Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  So busy is on my plate for the next two weeks but I'm looking forward to it.  I'm trying to get the house in shape and food planned so I don't have to go crazy trying to keep up with everything and I've already lowered my expectations for school through this time.  We'll just work through the Christmas vacation week with taking a few days off right at Christmas.

So what I have to do for this play is to load all of the song music and sounds on the computer, which I did on Tuesday, and then to play each thing at the right time.  That's the songs, the sound effects and the music.  Fun stuff and the new computer program we got in June ROCKS for this sort of thing!!  It was beyond easy - I just need to pay attention and make sure everything is triggered at the right time.

The play was written by one of our pastor's wives who is amazing at writing plays and it's based on A Christmas Carol but set in modern NY.  My husband wrote one of the songs - "The Meanest Man" - that the kids will sing so that's kind of fun.  Oh - weird thing about that.  5 years ago, when DH had fallen off the roof and broken his foot, Mary (the woman who wrote this play) asked DH to write some songs for the play she wrote for that year and he wrote a few great songs.  Well, she asked him to write a few songs for this play.....and he injured his foot again!  So I told her that if she's going to ask him to write songs for a play again to give us a heads-up so that we can make sure we protect his feet well.  :)  Too weird!  LOL

So I will try to get on here and there but you never know.  "Busy" might make it kind of hard.  God bless you all during this holiday season and may you not forget the One who made a reason for this season.  :)

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GrammyGoo said...

Sounds like the play is going to be wonderful! At least all of your busy time is good time!
Blessings, GG