Monday, November 16, 2009

This week's menu

Just sat down, figured all of this out and ordered my groceries.  How wonderful it is for me to not have to go for an hour and a half to the grocery store to do all my shopping, then come home, unpack, process the food and put it all away.  Now I get the groceries brought into my kitchen and I'll I'm left with is the unpacking, processing and putting it away.  This is done when I'm not tired from shopping.  :)  LOVE it.

Monday - pizza (a local pizza joint has a special- large pie, large hero - we get chicken parm - and ziti for $20.  I'll add in a greek salad for another $5 and we're set for the whole family.  Not too bad.

Tuesday - chicken pot pie, salad

Wednesday - Italian wedding soup in the crockpot, biscuits, salad

Thursday - probably FFY since I'll be riding then we have a church plant meeting.  I'll be lucky to get a shower between those to (as will everyone else be lucky if I get a shower between those two).

Friday - wine braised Italian sausages, salad (requested by my 9 year old)

Saturday - maple walnut chicken, steamed spinach and rice pilaf

Sunday - chicken enchiladas, salad

Monday - five cheese mac and cheese, salad.

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Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

How wonderful that is for you, Ann! To be able to order your groceries and not have to fight the weather and crowds. *insert my best Napoleon Dynamite voice here* L-u-c-k-y!

What time's dinner? That Italian sounds wonderful! Oh, and I'd just love to have that Maple Chicken recipe. *hint, hint*