Saturday, January 16, 2010

Life on high speed

MAN, it's been over 10 days since I last posted!  Life is crazy busy - but then again, it always is!

A week ago, we had Anne Graham Lotz at our church to speak in the morning service and then in the evening service she showed us her method of Bible study.  It was a wonderful weekend and Anne is not only beautiful and the spitting image of both her parents, she was also extremely gracious and lovely to work with.  Her husband actually grew up in our village, played basketball for our high school and his father was one of our church's early pastors!  He was so blessed to see where our church has come since way back in the 50s.  It was fun for him to go downtown and see the stores that are still here and to see what has changed.

Sunday morning, as I was still just waking up, I got a call from our senior associate pastor's wife who had planned the whole thing with Anne coming.  It seems Mary was ill - very ill - and was heading to the hospital.  Could I take over for her for the day?  Certainly - but that meant I was basically on the go from that second until I fell into bed at 10 that night.  But all went quite smoothly and it was a very blessed evening for all ..... but Mary.  Unfortunately she ended up in a very busy ER in a hospital with no spare beds so she spent 2 days in the hall of the ER before she finally got a room.  She was diagnosed with colitis although they're not quite sure what caused it.  Fortunately it wasn't the dinner she had the night before because Anne had the same dinner as did our senior pastor!  Yikes!  Can you imagine food poisoning in all of them??  GULP!!!

Of course since the week heading into Anne being here was busy, I got a little behind in our homeschooling so this week was spent getting caught up on that.  I played Mary the rest of the week since she's our "worship coordinator" who figures out who's doing what and also puts together the announcements and such.  Friday was a full day at church doing my own work and hers but we had a good day and headed home around 5pm.  There was a message on the answering machine from a young lady asking us to call her and it was about her dad (who was sick with cancer) and we called but there was no answer.  DH and I decided to run out for dinner.  When we got home, we heard back from Vivi and her father was given hours/days to live!!!  She said he went downhill so fast and he was asking for my husband so we rushed over there.  We spent all of last night there as he went in and out of consciousness.   He's doing slightly better today (he ate some cereal when last night he couldn't swallow even an Ensure), but that doesn't mean he's getting better.  We're on constant readiness to get ready to go if we get a call.  We'll head over tomorrow again after church since he was asleep tonight.  DH performed his wedding just 2 years ago (he and his wife were formerly divorced - he many years before he was saved and she by abandonment) and it was his first wedding officiation as a pastor. Now he'll be doing his first funeral sometime this week, most likely.  :(

Of course in all of this, I'm still cleaning, still home schooling, still taking hubby's church plant class at church and such.  I gotta say - God gives grace where it's needed because I'm still not feeling "overwhelmed".  It's definitely only by Him because normally?  I'd be freaking!  :)


GrammyGoo said...

Hugs & Prayers Ann. What a blessing to have Anne Graham Lotz at your church to speak. I think she is such a gracious lady of God.
Praying for the Joy of the Lord to be your strength this week as you and your DH minister to those around you.
Hugs, GG

Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

Ann, you yourself are such a gracious lady of God. I am so happy for those around you that can be touched by Him through you and your beloved husband. May the Lord continue to bless you abundantly.

PS: Is there any information to share on how Anne does her Bible study?

Mamame said...

PFP - I'll post in the next few days Anne's method. How does that sound?? :) I was thinking about doing it because I think it's a great method to add to our arsenal of tools to study God's Word.