Friday, January 22, 2010

My dear departing oven

So my oven is dying.  Poor thing.  It's in it's death throws but I won't let it go just yet since I don't have enough money for its replacement.  So instead, I'll coddle it along.  It's reading the temperature all wrong and will tell me the oven is too hot and will lock the door - when it's at 200 degrees.  Here's an example from tonight.

5:35 - start oven at 325 degrees on convection
5:36 - "at" temperature (forget the oven thermometer inside reads just 125 degrees)
5:40 - put meatloaf in oven
We get a good long stretch in here - enough that I ask my daughter if the oven is still even running
5:54 - oven "codes".  It's saying that the temperature is too high
5:55 - oven door locks
5:55:30 - oven door unlocks
5:57 - restart the oven to 325 degrees on convection
5:58 - reaches temperature
6:03 - door locks
6:03:05 - door unlocks
6:04 - door locks
6:04:03 - oven stops running then starts again
6:04:25 - oven door unlocks
6:12 - oven "codes" again - temp too high
6:14 - restart oven
6:26 - still running well!  Hmmmm
6:55 - a very yummy meatloaf is ready to eat.  It's weird that it gives me a lot of time an hour into it.

(oops - posted too soon - will update when meatloaf is done or it goes crazy again)


GrammyGoo said...

Oh Ann..Praying for an unexpected blessing that will allow to you retire this ove from it's misery.
Hugs, Ella

Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

Oh my gracious, Ann! Heehee! How did the meatloaf turn out? It sounds like that could have gone on all night!

Mamame said...

The meatloaf was delicious and it took just about 20 minutes longer than the normal hour. :) See, if I keep babying it and laughing at all of this, I can keep it going. I'm not going to count on it to cook a huge dinner for guests but we can deal with it until it's last beep. :) Besides, the cooktop works great so....