Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Home goings-on...

I know I've been bad about posting.  Sorry about that!  I've got a couple of posts that I want to do but just haven't done it yet so instead, I'll just chat.  :)

On Monday, my 17 year old got her wisdom teeth out. We always knew she was a wise-guy but now we know why!  She had 6 wisdom teeth!  Weird!  She's still in a bit of pain but hopefully today will be a better day than yesterday.

I'm sure most of you know that my poor oven has been dying on me.  It's an electronic one and the computer has been going crazy.  It's been telling me it's at temperature when it's not even close, suddenly locking the door and telling me the temperature is too hot, "coding" (shutting off and displaying an error code) and that sort of thing.  I can not even use the oven and it will lock on it's own!  We had the appliance place come in and replace the temperature sensor and it didn't fix it so it was time for a new oven.  Well, DH decided to take the computer out of the oven since he couldn't make it any worse because by this time, it wouldn't even start.  He checked the board completely to see if anything was wrong, cleaned all of the connections and put it back together again. Well, I've now used the oven twice and I've not had a problem!!  I'm amazed!  I'm tempted to try to do a self-clean cycle but I think that just might be pushing my luck.  :)

Finally, I think we're set on where we will be holding the new church in September.  We found a great building that would be perfect and the landlord was willing to renovate it for us but we needed to sign a 3 year contract and we weren't comfortable with that.  So for now, we'll be meeting at the local Crowne Plaza Hotel.  We're still working out the details on that but we'll have 2 rooms and we'll hold services at 10:30, I think.  :)  The whole church plant is slowly coming together!  Oh!  Our pastor also challenged the congregation to help with the church plant and take a week to fund it (it's $450 a week but he's asking for $500 to help cover some other costs), hoping to get funding for it for a full year.  So that would be 52 people who would pay for the rental of the hotel.  At this point, I think we have 20-something people committed already!  How awesome!!  That means we've got the first 1/2 year already covered!  Praise God!

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Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

Your update is full of things to sing praise, Ann! How wonderful.

I had to giggle about your comment regarding your daughter's extra wisdom teeth. My mom said the same thing about me...I had five.

Score one for your hubby fixing the oven. Don't you just love it?! I'd go ahead with confidence that the self-clean will work just fine. Try it!

What terrific news about the funding for the plant church. Did you really ever have any doubt?!

Hugs, and as always, a million thanks to you for everything.