Monday, March 15, 2010

Can you say "storm"?

**Update at bottom**
I'm not sure how much of the country heard about it but OH MY WORD!!  Did we have a doozy of a storm this weekend!  The winds hit 70 mph (near hurricane strength) and we had over 4" of rain in just two days.  We were fortunate to have only lost our power for a few minutes but there are many who will take up to 5 days to get it back.  This storm killed 5 people and there are still hundreds of thousands without power.  Just near us, there is a land form called a "neck" which is actually kind of like an island with a long, narrow piece of land going out to it.   The narrow piece of land is called Asharoken and the neck is Eaton's Neck.  Here's a pic of it (hope this works):

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Well, Asharoken was pretty badly damaged over the storm and friends of mine either couldn't get home from church or couldn't get TO church depending on when they tried to leave. The storm undermined the road which is just one lane in either direction so the police have it closed off and are only letting one car go through at a time. Since it's a 30mph, 3 mile long road, that's a long wait if it gets busy! Unfortunately this is a case of man trying to go where God is changing the land and so they keep trying to keep the water away from the road and homes but I don't know that they are ever going to win that game.

So please pray for all of those in the Northeast who have been affected by this storm. So many huge old trees fell and those who died did so from trees falling on them. One man was coming home from synagogue and died on his front lawn. Too sad.

If you want to see some local pics, you can click here

**Update: I got a call from the school district this morning then a call from a friend shortly after - Asharoken is now closed. 40% of the 500 foot sea wall was damaged and now there are phone poles down. This happened in the Nor'easter of '92 and it took days for them to get the road open. I wonder how long it will take this time! So now all of our friends who live on Eaton's Neck cannot get out of their neighborhood. No school, no stores, no anything. Fortunately they are a wonderful community and I know the fire department and the Coast Guard (the only non-resident things out there) will step in to help where needed. In '92, the Coast Guard evacuated anyone with health issues and the fire department hosted dinners each night for the residents. But back then, that was because they had no power and this time they do, thank heavens.

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