Sunday, March 28, 2010

So the government is encouraging lying???

There's a secular board that I go to that I've been on for years.  Much of the time it's just parenting stuff, woman stuff - that sort of thing but sometimes it gets into other topics.  There are numerous women there who are gay and proud of it and we've had a couple of run-ins as is to be expected.  I try to post with kindness and God's Word but I'm basically a "hateful homophobe".  That's OK if I feel that I've been conducting myself in the right way.

So yesterday, someone posted a link to a site where someone is advocating for gay couples to fill out the census with everything else correct but to put "husband/wife" regarding their partner rather than "unmarried partner" even though they are not legally married.  Apparently the federal government is advocating for the same thing.  They tell those filling out the census to fill it out as they "self identify" themselves, not what the legal standing really is.  So if a gay couple feel that they are married even though they are not, it's quite OK for them to put themselves down as "husband/wife" for the relation of person #2 to person #1.  There were a number of posts basically cheering this on and thinking it was wonderful.   Then I posted.

I posted that I thought it was wrong to lie on the census and that everyone should fill out the form truthfully instead of lying.  Well, you would have thought I just took their firstborn and sacrificed them.  I'm a 'hateful homophobe who needs to keep her opinions to myself.  No one wants to hear about my Christianity and that all gay people are going to hell.'  HUH??  All I said was that I didn't think filling out a form with something that was not true was right.  I was told 'it's too bad because the government says it's how they should fill it out - as they feel like filling it out.'  Again, I said that if you are not married, you should not be filling in the block that says "husband/wife" but should fill it out truthfully.  Now I'm' "holier than thou" and they are sick of hearing my attacks on homosexuals.'  HUH???  Let a white person who was raised by a black couple want to put down "African American" because that's who they more identify with and that would be OK?  I'm sorry but if it's not the truth, it's wrong.  I just don't get it.  I just really don't get it.

Satan is laughing.  He's the father of lies and absolutely loves that people think it's actually honorable to lie.  What a sad state we're in today.


Carrie said...

Interesting. And ugly. I'm very concerned for the state of our country as a whole. Absolutely heartbreaking.

I have also posted at secular boards, but don't much any more because of the same kinds of experiences. At one particular board, the liberal voice is loud and the conservative Christian avoids all debate because of personal attack. While I wish I had the strength to defend with grace, I cannot handle personal attacks. So I quit.

Now I'm secretly wondering if we posted at the same board and didn't know it. LOL!

Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

It is so very sad. Core values and morals continue to degrade at a very rapid rate.

I'm not saying I'm perfect ~ but I can honestly say that the mistakes I do make are done while fully trying to uphold what is right.

Good for you for speaking truth, Ann, despite knowing you were going to get slammed!

Mamame said...

That would be wild Carrie. The board I posted at is Amitymama. Is that the same??

Carrie said...

No, but I suppose most secular boards are alike. I find that as the liberal voice gets louder and stronger, the conservative voice gets quieter. I'm guilty. But I console myself by telling myself that I'm not casting my pearls before swine. HA!